Struggling with Chemistry?

Whether you are in high school or college we offer comprehensive courses for both general and organic chemistry to simplify the material to help you truly LEARN it…and all at an affordable price!

Video Lectures

A comprehensive set of video lectures taught by a seasoned instructor are organized into chapters mirroring the presentation commonly used in current textbooks. Includes variable-speed playback!
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Hundreds of practice questions with detailed solutions are provided to make sure you can apply what you have learned. Questions progress from easy to difficult and from common examples to important exceptions to maximize learning.
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Detailed outlines are provided to go alongside the videos to facilitate note-taking.
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Chad’s videos are amazing. Chad has mastered the art of teaching complicated material in an understandable way. I hope he continues to offer his services at such an affordable price. His courses are worth every penny you will spend and more!! Thank you CHAD
Alex Bodkin