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Struggling with Chemistry?

Whether you are in high school or college we offer comprehensive courses for general chemistry, organic chemistry, general physics and more to simplify the material to help you truly LEARN it…and all at an affordable price!

Video Lectures

A comprehensive set of video lectures taught by a seasoned instructor are organized into chapters mirroring the presentation commonly used in current textbooks. Includes variable-speed playback!
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Hundreds of practice questions with detailed solutions are provided to make sure you can apply what you have learned. Questions progress from easy to difficult and from common examples to important exceptions to maximize learning.
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Detailed outlines are provided to go alongside the videos to facilitate note-taking.
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Chad’s videos are amazing. Chad has mastered the art of teaching complicated material in an understandable way. I hope he continues to offer his services at such an affordable price. His courses are worth every penny you will spend and more!! Thank you CHAD
Alex B.
Chad is by far the best teacher I’ve met for Chemistry. He takes complicated material and explains them in funny and simple ways so that they can be easily understood. In Chad’s Ultimate Organic Chemistry Review it’s nicely set up so that you can pick the area that you may be struggling with and watch awesome videos that clearly explain and teach the material better than any teacher I’ve ever had could. After the videos there are helpful quizzes for practice with explanations for why the correct answer is what it is. If you need help in just about any portion of Chemistry, there is no better choice than Chad.
Clark W.
This course has been a phenomenal help! The way you explain the concepts makes them easy to understand and remember because your goal is understanding. The many examples throughout the lecture helps solidify the concepts, as do the practice questions. Although Organic Chem is a subject that tends to fly over my head (and at least a few others), you do well in not making it complicated, but rather simplify it and ease students in understanding this foreign language. In terms of function and aesthetics, the website is great!
Une grande aide!
Much thanks!
Katherine S.
Chads real cool and gets straight to the point no matter what topic. His plug and chug techniques really go a long way. I took Physics 1 this summer and because of Chad I was always ahead of the game and prepared for every quiz/exam. Real props to Chad, wish I discovered him when I had taken Gen Chem.
Yeshaya J.
I’ve been using chad’s videos (including general chem, orgo for ACS, and biochemistry), and those videos are saving my life!
Jumee P.
I wish you had been my professor when I actually took this course. You are the best! I bought the monthly access to Gen Chem and Organic Chem and I am so so so happy I did! Extremely helpful, plenty of questions to review immediately after learning about a topic. Would recommend to everyone who wants to have fun while learning chemistry 🙂
Sydney F.